Do you like my art but cannot decide which work to pick? 

Then all of your problems will be solved by getting a personalized commission artpiece by me

Here is how it works:

1. First, collect screenshots, or titles of a few pieces that you really like a lot by me.

2. Then, contact me, for example write me an e-mail or text me on +49 (0) 15754880164 to arrange a call. The call will be short, and it will consist in you stating your wishes and asking me any questions you may have.

Answer questions like: digital art, sculpture, canvas or drawing? which size should the artwork be? what materials should be used? which colours do you prefer: warm, or cold colours? does something have to have a specific colour? which style should the artwork be in? what is my budget? when should the artpiece be finished?

3. In order to grand me artistic freedom, I will only double check with you, if I have any further questions about your tastes and procedures. Furhtermore, we will discuss the price for the artwork, this is dependant on medium, size, motive, materials and time consumption.

4. Once you have payed me, and after I finish the artpiece and am happy with it myself, I will send you a picture and a short video of the work. Please understand, that some pieces will have a different impact and will be perceived differently by you if you look at them over a screen, in comparison to if you see them in real life and especially, in real size. 

5. Finally, after you send me the adress to which I should send the piece to, sit back, relax and wait for an amazing artpiece to arrive to your home. Oh and also, if you do happen to live in Hamburg, we can decide to meet up to for me to hand you over your new commissioned piece.

Get Stickers and 1x -K DE CLEA CLIPPER FOR FREE with every commission purchase



(80x60cm.) Acrylic&Neon on Canvas

la guitarra me tapa

(40x40cm.) Acrylic on Canvas