About the Artist

Clea Rojas‘ perception of art brings "controversial" and "taboo" topics into a new kind of light. She claims she wants to fight against the conservative minds of people and start a revolutionary act of normalization and liberty.

Clea Rojas, born in 2001 and raised in Málaga is an emerging half Spanish, half German fine and digital artist from Hamburg whose main goal is enhancing the perception of time, space, and perspective of the beholder to make them question society and themselves, thus creating enlightenment.

Focusing on themes like feminism, sexualisation of human body parts and standard roles and behaviours in our day to day, Clea likes to fight against conservative and negatively influenced minds, bringing titles and artworks into a paradox connection. She has been inspired by local and international street art, travelling, comics and cartoons and likes to use styles similar to verism, magic realism, cubism, and expressionism.

Additionally, Clea´s art reaches towards normalisation and is in no way intended to be sexually arousing; however, if someone does feel this way, it is only because society put the thought in their heads, that naked bodies equal sex. K de Clea´s aim is to change this with feminist art.

Next Exhibitions: 

17.-19.05.2024: Kulturfest Landgang Brauerei, Hamburg Altona

From 01.2024:  Handicap C/ Gaona, esquina con C/ Dos Aceras, Málaga

                         Vernissage: 26.01.2024

Performed Exhibitions:

02.2021: Pop-Up-Art-Galerie at Taugenichtsbar Hamburg-Holstenstraße 

03.2022: Erotic Art Museum Hamburg-St. Pauli 

06.2022: Hautnah 2022 Ausstellung Köln-Neue Maastrichter Straße

07.2022: Artstadt Hamburg Mönckebergstraße 

08.2022: Same-Same Galerie Hamburg-Eidelstedt 

09.2022: Qvart Gallery Hamburg-Boschstraße  

09.2022: K-OZ Galerie Hamburg-Beim Grünen Jäger 

10.2022: Artstadt Hamburg Mönckebergstraße, Blockstadt Exhibition 

12.2022: Winter Bazaar in Frappant Hamburg Altona

04.2023: ThinkFusion by Wokey in Stilwerk Hamburg St.Pauli 

06.2023: Summertime Artness im Dreispinnen Studio Hamburg Winterhuder Weg 69 

09.2023: Kunst der Stunde Vol. 2 in Fabrik der Künste, Kreuzbrook 12 Hamburg 

01.-04.2024:  Handicap C/ Gaona, esquina con C/ Dos Aceras, Málaga, Spain

03.2024: Gleishalle, Hamburg Hafencity