"YUYU" -2021 by Clea Rojas

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 80x80cm. canvas represents a stream of thoughts towards the death of Yuyu.

Yuyu was the 2 month old puppy from my father. She died this year, she was murdered with rat poison by bad people. They did not only kill one puppy, but 3 more that we know of. This cruel act made me very sad. I never met her. I booked a flight from Hamburg to Málaga to meet her, but I never did. Although I never saw her, I still felt a strong connection towards her. I have lost 3 dogs now in my lifetime and I believe that the grief that their deaths have brought to me, are equivalent to family member deaths, as after all, my dogs are my family.

I painted this painting in grief and anger, but as the person I am, I always try to look beyond default thoughts. I started to think about the world, the place, the people, the faces and all those things that Yuyu could never have been in, as she only lived for this short amount of time.

Imagine all that you do in 2 months and compare it to all you have done in 2 years. 2 months is nothing. She seemed so happy to be living, so happy to be in this world and looking forward to see all these things I have listed before. However, she never had the possibility.

I really hope that her next life will be longer and beautiful. I hope that her soul will after all be able to experience the beauty of our earth and what I hope the most is, that karma will do what karma does.

If you want this painting hanging on your wall, contact me!