"WAAGENBAU" -2022 by Clea Rojas

This artwork made with oil and acrylic paint on a 40x60cm. canvas was created by Clea Rojas in Hamburg.

I painted this piece after a night out at the Waagenbau club in Hamburg Sternschanze because I needed to express my feelings onto something.

That night was one of the worst I had had in a long time, as I got herrased by cis men so many times in such a short time period. I was with two friends who took xtc, and I was on weed for the whole night, I did not even drink any alcohol, which I think made me very aware of what was going on. I stayed until maybe 5 in the morning, but I wanted to stay longer, the only reason I left was because I was feeling very uncomfortable. My peak point in which I decided that I have to go was when I even got herrased in the girl´s toilet by a cis man. That is usually our safe-space, the space in which we can flee from men not hearing our "no" or "no thank you".

I usually go to techno clubs in Hamburg because they are a safe space, but this one wasn´t, and I don´t know if I ever want to go there again.