"Planta de la Moneda"

"PLANTA DE LA MONEDA" -2020 by Clea Rojas

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 60x80cm. canvas represents a plant, a coin plant.

I'm not that good at gardening. The reason for this is that I never dare to cut off branches or leaves from my plants because I feel that I'm hurting my dear plant. My family always tells me that they are not able to feel nothing, however, I feel otherway.

With this surrealistic and expressionistic painting I wanted to represent life in a plant, to be specific, life in my plant, my money plant, mi planta de la moneda; by depicting human faces on the single leaves and branches.

Another point worth mentioning, is that every single person in my family has one of these money plants in their room. We feel that the leaves look slightly like coins and share the believe, that if your coin plant is feeling good, your bank account is too.

If you want this awesome artpiece hanging on your beautiful wall, contact me!