"Tienes Pelos en la Lengua"

"TIENES PELOS EN LA LENGUA -2020 by Clea Rojas

This digital artwork with 4000x4000PX shows two women.

The phrase "no tener pelos en la lengua" or "not having hairs on your tongue" refers to being honest and direct, saying your opinion and not caring about what other's will think about you. I called this artpiece "you have hairs on your tongue", referring to the people who think of our society's norm of going with the flow. The majority of people still are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, they might even feel discomfort when looking at this artwork. To all those people I say: tienes pelos en la lengua.

Let's all shave our tongue's hair and be honest&open!

You have 2 options when buying a print:

  1. Buying a printed version. Here, the price will be sorted out by arrangement (contact me!). You will be able to choose the size and the material of the final print. The artwork will then be send to your home.

  2. Buying a jpg of the print.

The jpg's price is only 15€ !