"LIFE" -2021 by Clea Rojas

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 100x80cm. canvas represents my life at the beginings of 2021.

There are many objects and symbols to interpret. Every motive is me in different situations. Only the orange-yellow motive at the left of the canvas should represent the Covid-19 virus, who is the source and the reason for the messy life I live right now. It forces me to stay at home, to be in quarantine, to feel bad, to miss out on experiences and people. I am only 20. They said this time of life should be the best one. However, I am not allowed to live it. I can imagine many people feel like me, or perhaps even worse, and as seen in a lot of people and statistics, this virus, although not in your system, attacks mental health. Because of all that I am missing out on, I see myself in situations where I think: "One more step and I will fall into the deep burden of depression". I always try to pull myself up again, and lucky me, I was still strong enough to not stumble and fall. But who knows what the future will bring.

If you want this painting hanging on your wall, contact me!