"Hey Herbert"

"HEY HERBERT" -2020 by Clea

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 24x30cm. canvas is a portrait from the point of view of a beetle.

I was chilling, tripping and painting on a field while getting aware of the huge ecosystem around me, when a cute little beetle snaped me on the toe. It didn't hurt, on the contrary, I looked at the beetle and decided it was fine, I was the one breaking into it's home. I then decided to call it "Herbert" because, why not? Every once in a while it would come around and snap me again. I figured that might be it's way to say "hey".

Basically, this acrylic artwork shows myself with expressionistic colours and brush strokes, from the perspective of Herbert, a beetle.

If you want this painting hanging on your wall, contact me!