"Hey Friedrich"

"HEY FRIEDRICH" -2021 by Clea

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 32x22cm. wood surface is a portrait in Clea Roja´s style.

If you scroll through my gallery, you will find a painting which is called "Hey Herbert". That painting was made by me from the point of view of a beetle while I was tripping.

The other day I took another trip and this artpiece came out. I tought it was funny, to call all the portraits I do randomly while on a trip like "Hey Herbert". For this, I greet old men, as the names I use are traditional german names, which almost only old germans have. I thought this matches my art perfectly, as with this title, I welcome old white men to get to know my art. Perhaps after reading some of the backgrounds for some of my paintings, they will mask off of the old white man stereotype and its conservativeness.

If you want this painting hanging on your wall, contact me!