Do you like my art style but cannot decide which artwork to pick? Then all of your problems will be solved by getting a personalized commission artwork by me!

Here is how it works:

  1. First, think about what you want hanging on your wall, or what you always wanted hanging on the wall of someone you know.

  2. Then, contact me and write me an e-mail stating your wishes. Answer questions like: digital art, canvas or drawing? which size should the artwork be? what materials should be used? which colours do you prefer: warm, or cold colours? does something have to have a specific colour? which style should the artwork be in? do I have a reference picture to show Clea? what is my budget? when should the artpiece be finished?

  3. Perhaps the artist might want to have a call or face-time with you to clarify some things.

  4. After doing all of the above, sit back and wait for an amazing artpiece to arrive to your home :)