"Eppendorfer Park"

"EPPENDORFER PARK" -2022 by Clea

This artwork made with oil paint on a 50x70cm. canvas was created by Clea Rojas from June 2021 until March of 2022.

Like the title tells us, this painting is a depiction of the Eppendorfer Park in Hamburg, the park in which the artist spends her sunny days.

The base of this canvas was created with oil paint, nevertheless, Rojas has used acrylic paint to set the last highlights and contrasts for finishing up the artpiece.

This artwork is a lot. You can see so many different details, people, dogs and a squirrel in the front of the canvas. Moreover, the term "nicht baden" on the sign means "do not bathe" in english and refers to the small lake hidden by the trees behind the sign.

Do you wish to have this marvelous artwork hanged up on your wall? Contact the artist now through clearojasart@gmail.com