"Comemel Toto"

"COMEMEL TOTO" -2022 by Clea Rojas

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 160x150cm. fabric on a canvas roll was created by Clea Rojas in July of 2022 and is titled "Comemel Toto".

The title is south-spanish urban language and basically means "eat my pussy", but in the sense of "go f*ck yourself". It can be used for example when a sexist cis man tells you: "Please cover your boobs", then you would say: "comemel toto".

Furhtermore, this painting is about our bodies and how they are perceived in our current society. Swipe through the single details of this work to find out many hidden messages.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting, I will explain to you each single of my interpretations. Write me an e-mail at: clearojasart@gmail.com or slide into my DMs in Instagram: @kdeclea

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