"BARCO" -2022 by Clea Rojas

This artwork made with acrylic paint on a 50x40cm. wood plate and frame was created by Clea Rojas in the beginnings of 2022 and represents a "barco", which in english means "ship".

I really enjoy going to market places and buying old paintings and frames to cover them up with my art. What I like to do when painting them is always leaving a part of the last artpiece that was on it, or even just complementing my art with the one that was there before. In this case, it was a painting of an old ship, you can appreciate this because of the little ship that I left in the background.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting, Clea Rojas can explain to you each single of her interpretations. Maybe write her an e-mail at clearojasart@gmail.com or slide into her DMs in Instagram: @kdeclea.